Stetson Street Culvert

Erosion from runoff on Stetson Street

Tree Box on Stetson Street

Replacing Aging Infrastructure

The Town of Braintree received a $26,000 grant in fiscal year 2020 from the Culvert Replacement Municipal Assistance Grant Program from the Commonwealth. This project is managed by the Stormwater Division of the Town of Braintree.

The culvert is aging and has visible signs of erosion and scouring.

The Town of Braintree conducted field data collection for a culvert replacement located on Smelt Brook, a tributary of the Monatiquot River.

In November of 2020 the Town applied for a FEMA Grant to resize and enlarge the culvert to prevent flooding and support greater wildlife passage.

This culvert has an NAACC Aquatic Passability Score: 0.78 and is categorized as a minor barrier with reduced AOP (Aquatic Organism Passage). See the full NAACC culvert survey report here.

In Other News

The Town of Braintree Installed a tree box filter on Stetson Street to reduce stormwater runoff from the road and filter it through the tree roots before entering Smelt Brook. Town of Braintree Stormwater Division received a grant for tree boxes.

Above Stetson Street Crossing

Stetson Street above the culvert

Below Stetson Street Crossing

Aging beams and stone walls of culvert

Culvert Inlet

Erosion and scour on the right stone headwall at inlet